“The beginning for the perfect product” NTS

Beginning of NTS

“Differentiated Technology” “Necessary Technology” and “Our Technology”

The beginning of NTS started with confidence in technology.
A perfect product begins with the perfect parts in it, and the definition of “perfection” begins with perfect “tests.” In 2000, when the word test technology was still a relatively new concept, NTS began with the confidence in technology.

Present of NTS

“The World’s Best Company” “Contribute to Social Development” “Practicing Talent Management”

“The World’s Best Company” “Contribute to Social Development” “Practicing Talent Management” The business philosophy of NTS contains the corporate philosophy of “value of man is technology.” The technology of NTS is created from its people, and it is based on the perfection of products built for a better life for mankind.

The company that advances forward for the happiness of mankind based on the happiness of people, NTS. NTS continues to realize that dream with international IT global groups.

Future of NTS

“Exploring New Markets” “Realization of 100% Perfect Products”

Currently NTS focuses on identifying the needs of customers, and it continues to identify the market trend throughout the company.
NTS establishes perfection in all semiconductor products in Korea and overseas, and it also prepares for new market changes.
“The beginning for the perfect product” Today, NTS continues to create new technologies and value for the future of mankind.

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