LAEDERSHIPThe powerful leadership of NTS aiming to become the No. 1 company.


    NTS with special technology
    for the future.


    NTS, the devoting its passion for the future of mankind.


    NTS satisfies itself for the happiness of customer.


    NTS becoming smarter for the comfort and safety of customers.

NTS aims at value shared by all. The value of comfort and safety for future mankind, people who work for things seen from unseen.

The leadership of NTS is value for not only NTS but all companies and people.

TechnologyThe test technology of NTS is not for the customers of NTS but for the consumers who actually use the products.

Integrated solution to resolve the needs of customers by recognizing the differences through advanced technology,
NTS aims at providing tailored tests satisfying each customer’s needs.
The advanced technology of NTS goes beyond the boundaries of simple product testing and aims at the perfect product.

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